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True Story, I Swear-Maybe

True Story, I Swear-Maybe

Passionate about writing, author Harvey Cappel writes a book that reflects his well-lived life and life’s epiphanies in True Story, I Swear-Maybe.

Incorporating fun philosophy, and basic life lessons, readers will see through his life experiences, listen or maybe even agree with his crazy ideas, and laugh at his antics and vibrant humorous approach. This book is a collection of family tales, a few reprints of previously published newspaper articles, a lively outlook of one’s being, and discussion of a political issue or two.

Readers will see certain similarities with their own discoveries and experiences as the author reveals his life through his book. This is a book that will mirror life’s revelations, man’s daily struggles and antics that gives spice to one’s everyday living.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Of course, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. So, what does that mean?

Currently the hype is, that it is computer programs that will take over the Earth as we now know it. All TV, and or movies will be animated to look like real life people; so, no more need for actors. Politicians will be able to create fake media opponents, and make them say stupid and mean stuff.

Our privacy will be no more. Home computers, and government monitors will know everything we are doing, and everywhere we go. We will not be able to tell the fake from the real.

Remember Y2K. It was a bunch of crap too.

AI or artificial intelligence has been around forever. Adam blamed Eve for making him partake of the forbidden fruit. A lie, which is a form of, not natural, but artificial intelligence. And, by the way, Adam, at that juncture of life on Earth, invented BLAME and many have used it, and still do today.

Seriously, artificial intelligence, as we are discussing here, is simply computer programs that do wonderous things. Google, Alexa, hands free telephone in a car, talking text anybody?

We are learning more and more each day, about how to write computer programs that can seem to be, almost, human intelligence. Remember IBM’s chess playing computer that beat the best human chess player? At least I think it did, as I remember.

Of course, at any point the human opponent could have simply pulled the electrical plug and claimed victory by default.

Even my CPAP machine (breathing help for sleep apnea) needs human help. Last week it had a message on it indicating the plug at its rear was loose. You so smart, plug it in yourself. AI control? I don’t think so.

Artificial intelligence is no more than very sophisticated computer programs and, some have already been with us, for a long time.